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A licensed Language Centre specializes in English Language education. With more than 3 years of experience teaching English as a first & second language. ACE has gained a reputation for providing high-quality education in a friendly and supportive environment at an affordable price.

Malaysia's Favorite Language Centre

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, We strongly believe in keeping abreast of the most up to date and creative teaching methodologies, in addition, our teachers are highly experienced professionals who hold all relevant qualifications.  A number of our teaching professionals are also native speakers. This means our professionals can offer the highest standards to students of all levels with varying levels of skills and needs who are every bit as committed to your future as you are.

Malaysia is an extremely diverse cultural hub because of this a range of languages are spoken with English being the primary language used in day to day communication.


Our objective is to provide the highest Standard English language courses to both national and international students in order to enhance their comprehension in reading, writing, listening and conversational English.

Furthermore, English is generally recognised internationally as the primary networking language in the majority of industries globally.  Keeping this reality in Mind, we at ACE Language Centre entered the sector with the vision to provide the very highest standards in language education and with the belief that we could empower every student who attends our courses with the confidence to communicate in whatever field of study or business they are in in a more effective manner.  By availing of our internationally recognised language courses, such as IELTS and TOEFL, Cambridge English Courses, FCE, PET, KET, etc. We believe our students will be one step ahead in their industries. 


our mission is to inspire every student and professional who enters our programme by empowering them through the delivery of the highest standard English courses, therefore opening up the biggest global networking tool available to them.

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Central locations

ACE Language Centre is located in the expat hub of Malaysia where ACE teaches across the full learning journey: young learners, English for adults, exams, professional learners, teacher training and other modern languages. Our broad range of experience means we are with you every step of your learning journey.

Interactive Classroom- ACE Language Centre


Interactive classrooms

ACE programs are designed to help you improve as fast as possible and reach your goals, whether you need to learn English for your job, for your school, or just for yourself.

ACE Language Centre - Language school


International atmosphere

ACE makes sure that students have the best possible experience in Malaysia from day one and support through orientations, counseling, and fun activities around the city.


We at ACE Language Centre believe that every student and professional in our extremely competitive  modern world should have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, that is why we ensure our English courses are the most relevant and up to date on the market today and strive to ensure that this will always be the case


Small classes, excellent teachers

ACE has the edge of having the best teachers in town for all levels of teaching English to kids to adult and all walks of life. Our class size is relatively small to make sure the learning is fun and is exciting for our students. 


Quality inspected homestays

ACE has been offering unique and exciting homestays for our international students. A quality place is very important when studying overseas.

Schedule - ACE Language Centre


Flexibility & Efficiency

Our schedule and classes are flexible for those who are tight with their schedule. We will plan out your classes with utmost efficiency and delicacy.

Our History



The Start Of Our Journey

ACE Language Centre started to begin its fruitful journey in 2019 when there was a dire need of a professional language centre in the vicinity of Mont Kiara. A place where almost 90% population is expat from around the world. 


Added more life

Added more life to our Language centre by adding new look to our centre. But most of 2020 was online classes due to Covid-19.


3rd year into educating

ACE Language Centre is proud to educate people despite lockdowns and temporary closure of centre but we have done remarkably well online.

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