Why Study English in Malaysia?

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Study English language in Malaysia

The English language has been broadly spoken and utilized in Malaysia for a long time, to such an extent that it has consequently become the second language of the nation. About each family unit in the city in Malaysia utilizes English, regardless of whether it isn’t the main language of the house. With the world decreasing because of globalization, the significance of the English language, which has been named the universal exchanging language, is especially apparent. In this Internet and Information Age, so as to accomplish global stature, it is imperative to know the English language as English is the most widely used language of the Internet.

For this matter, more and more students (local and international) are equipping themselves with the English language by attending special English courses and programmes in Malaysia. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that this language is being offered by many of the higher educational institutions, not only as a programme by itself but also as a preparatory subject to gain entry into undergraduate programmes offered by the local institutions as well as overseas institutions.

Why Choose Malaysia to Study an English Language Course?

study English, Malaysia, ace education
study English, Malaysia, ace education

Mandatory Language to study in Malaysia

Malaysians have been influenced, especially during the British colonisation period, to use English in their daily transactions. The English language is being used extensively in Malaysia, in commercial or social settings, formal or informal situations – in business transactions, internet communication, advertisements and the entertainment industry. For some homes, it has become the second language, used in everyday conversation among family members and friends. Some Malaysian homes also use this language as their mother tongue.

Owing to its place of importance in the new knowledge economy, English, as a second language, continues to be a compulsory subject taught at all levels in every Malaysian school. On top of that, the subjects of mathematics and science are being taught in English in schools at all levels.

At the tertiary level, although the medium of instruction at undergraduate level in the public universities is the National language (Bahasa Melayu), with effect from the year 2005, English is used to teach the science and mathematics-related subjects. All private higher educational institutions use the English language as the medium of instruction.

A Conducive Environment

In a Multi-lingual Society like Malaysia, the advantage for international students to learn English is that they will learn the necessary communications skills to equip them for a successful life. The students will not only acquire the relevant study skills required for college or university entrance, but will also be equipped with knowledge essential in the working world. Whether it is for personal satisfaction or social enrichment, or simply to excel in your academic and work endeavours, you will find it advantageous to learn English in the Malaysian multi-lingual environment.

Apart from the public schools, language centres found in all major cities and towns in Malaysia offer English language courses that cater to the individual needs of the people, whether on a personal or professional basis. As such, there are classes which offer English for academic purposes to help students in their academic programmes that are conducted in English, as well as English language classes for specific purposes to help those who need English for career enhancement or development. Such classes are not only popular among the Malaysians but also among the foreigners (students and expatriates living in the country) who may require the English language during their stay in Malaysia, whether for personal or business reasons.

Therefore, with the English language as a natural second language of the country as well as being spoken by many Malaysians in and outside of their homes, International Students will find that Malaysia has an environment conducive for the studying of English.

Trained Professional Teachers from around the world

English teachers in the private educational institutions, whether expatriate or local, are highly-qualified and experienced. Students will be taught by friendly, dedicated and mature professionals who are genuinely concerned for the students’ success in learning English.

Effective Teaching Methodology

The Language Centres in Malaysia use creative and dynamic learning activities and the proven ‘Communicative Approach’ to language learning for their language programmes. Classes are lively and interactive where students can engage in role-play activities, problem-solving exercises and small group discussions. Therefore, the students are able to apply their newly-learnt grammatical structures, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to meaningful, real life situations.

Small Class Size

Students are assured of being able to study in anxiety-free, fully air-conditioned rooms. English language classes are normally small and with fewer students per class, individual attention is guaranteed. This would enable students to progress at a rapid pace.

Competitive Fees

The tuition fees for English courses in Malaysia are very competitive. For example, the preparatory courses for TOEFL and IELTS examinations usually take 2 to 6 months and the fees range from RM400 to RM800 per course depending on the duration and course contents.

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