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School Activity

Our school activities at ACE Language Centre are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing students with opportunities to practice English in real-life situations.

Welcome to the School Activity page of ACE Language Centre! At ACE, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Our school activities are designed to enhance students’ English language skills while providing opportunities for personal growth and community building. Here’s what you can expect from our engaging activities:

  1. Excursions and Field Trips:

    • Join us for exciting excursions to local landmarks, museums, and cultural sites. These trips provide real-world contexts for language learning and help students experience the vibrant culture of Malaysia.
  2. Interactive Workshops:

    • Participate in interactive workshops that focus on various aspects of language learning, such as pronunciation, vocabulary building, and conversational skills. These hands-on sessions are designed to make learning fun and effective.
  3. Cultural Events:

    • Experience the rich cultural diversity of Malaysia through our cultural events. From traditional dance performances to food festivals, these events offer a unique way to learn about different cultures and languages.
  4. Community Service:

    • Get involved in community service projects that allow you to practice your English while giving back to the community. These activities foster a sense of responsibility and social awareness.
  5. Sports and Recreational Activities:

    • Engage in sports and recreational activities that promote teamwork and physical fitness. Whether it’s a friendly soccer match or a yoga session, these activities provide a break from academic learning and help build camaraderie among students.
  6. Special Events and Celebrations:

    • Join us for special events and celebrations, including holiday parties, talent shows, and student exhibitions. These events create a lively and supportive school environment where students can showcase their talents and celebrate their achievements.

Our school activities are an integral part of the ACE Language Centre experience. They provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success both academically and personally. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!



Cultural Exchange Evening

Join us for an evening of cultural exchange where students from different backgrounds share their cultures through presentations, food, and performances. A great opportunity to learn about other cultures and make new friends.



English Movie Night

Enjoy a classic English movie with your classmates. This activity includes a post-movie discussion to practice listening and speaking skills in a fun and relaxed environment.



Language Games and Quiz Night

Participate in interactive language games and quizzes designed to boost your vocabulary and grammar skills. Prizes will be awarded to the winners!



Halloween Party and Costume Contest

Celebrate Halloween with a spooky party and costume contest. This event includes themed games, music, and treats, providing a fun way to practice English and celebrate with friends.



Outdoor Adventure Day

Spend a day in nature with outdoor activities such as hiking, team-building games, and a picnic. This is a great opportunity to bond with classmates and practice conversational English in a natural setting.