Important information for International Students

Visa information

All international students who are keen in applying ACE courses must apply for Visa to study in Malaysia. Please talk to your counselor for updated information today!

Application Procedure and Entry Requirement:

1.  To register at ACE Language Centre (ALC) and apply for student visa, please complete online application form and submit the following documents to [email protected]

2.  Clear Digital Passport sized photograph with White Background.

3.  All pages of International Passport (Passport must have at least 1 Year validity)

4.  Copy of your high school / Pre-university / University certificate and transcripts (must have translated version from a licensed translator and original copy).

5.  Pre-arrival medical screening report form verified doctor.

6.  International student registration and visa processing fee (EMGS FEE) (RM2,000 non-refundable or transferable)

7.  All payment must be paid in full before commencement of classes.

8.  Upon receiving your application, documents and fees, ACE Language Centre (ALC) will send you the Letter of Offer and ACE Language Centre (ALC) will submit student’s visa application to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) to process visa approval letter (VAL).

9.  When ACE Language Centre (ALC) receive the Malaysian Immigration approval (approx. 1 month), ACE Language Centre (ALC) will send a notification to inform student on visa approval. Student is required to apply for an entry visa from the Malaysian Embassy in their respective country (if necessary).

10.  Student MUST inform ACE Language Centre (ALC) of their arrival details and accommodation requirement (AT LEAST (02) TWO WEEKS before arrival date). ACE Language Centre (ALC) staff will assist student to get immigration clearance at airport with a certain fee.

11.  Please report to ACE Language Centre after you have successfully arrived in Malaysia.

12.  After your arrival in Malaysia, please attend the medical screening at EMGS approved panel clinics within 7 days.

13.  Submit your passport to ACE Language Centre (ALC) representative for endorsement of student pass.


Please refer to your course coordinator at ACE Language Centre (ALC) for detailed fees for your particular course. All fees must be paid in advance before starting the course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are considering to register with ACE Language Centre( ALC) courses. Please check with your course coordinator before submitting your documents. The study visa is available for 6 months or 12 months depending on the course you are registering. 

Student visa will be applied by ACE Language Centre (ALC) on your behalf after getting your consent to enrol for a particular course and obtaining a fees for the course and visa application. Please check the details with your course coordinator at ACE Language Centre (ALC).

ACE Language Centre issues a yearly program calendar, please check with your course coordinator. 

Yes, there will be an assessment test prior to determine your suitability for the course and programme offered by ACE Language Centre. The assessment test are available online and offline. Please refer to the administrator for right test for your course. 

Important Notes

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Refund & Cancellation fees

Please review our policies for refund and cancellation of your programme with ACE Language Centre (ALC).

  1. International Student Application and Visa Processing fee is not-refundable.
  2. Once a student has registered and applied for a visa, ACE Language Centre (ALC) will not be able to cancel the visa process and refund the application and visa processing fee.
  3. Course fee is not refundable once a student has registered for the course with ACE Language Centre (ALC).
  4. In case of cancellation, study course or tuition fee is NOT transferable to another applicant/student.
  5. If a student decides to stop study, he/she would NOT be able to transfer the tuition fee to another applicant/student.
  6. If a student decides to stop his/her study due to any conditions mentioned above and applied for a student visa, the Visa Application fee is NOT refundable
  7. If a student registers and does not attend the class and does NOT inform the center that he/she is willing to cancel study, the total amount paid will be forfeited (NOT refundable).
  8. If a student registers for 6 months study and attends the class for any period of time after the term commence and then decides to cancel but he/she does NOT inform the centre, the total amount paid will be forfeited (NOT refundable).

Illegal Activities

All international students are advised to adhere all rules and regulations of student visa in Malaysia. Any student found involved in illegal activities will be reported to the authorities immediately.

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