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What Student Say

Riki / Subaru - Testimonials

Riki / Subaru


“The classes were conducted in small groups with experienced and friendly teachers. It made the learning experience here really fun. Besides helping us with our speaking and listening skills, the teachers also help us with our pronunciation.”

Zhang Hai Hua - Testimonial

Zhang Hai Hua


“ACE Language Centre is made up of friendly and helpful people. The thing I most appreciated is the teachers. They are very competent and kind. In fact, they were ready to reply in detail to every question.”

Sunny Kim - Testimonial

Sunny Kim


“I like the teaching methods used in the class. It helped me follow the lesson at my own pace. The teachers were very helpful and friendly. They were patient and always willing to help. I have improved much in my grammar and writing. I have also improved my speaking ability.”

T.S. Lin - Testimonial

T.S. Lin


” I am doing my IELTS preparation with ACE Language Centre and I am very satisfied with my learning. My teachers are so great.”

Zhong Suk - Testimonial

Zhong Suk


” I am 60 years old and learning English with ACE Language Centre. I had my one week course with the Native teacher and she made me speak English fluently within one week’s time. I will come back and join ACE again.”

Lisa Joy - Testimonial

Lisa Joy


” I attended the ACE Language Centre to prepare for my school entrance exam and had my Intensive English classes. I have learned too much in a short period of time. Good work.”